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Many a times things happen by chance and they end up being your choice. Radio happened to be one such bright and life changing chance. Over the years now, mike has been my addiction and music has been my passion.
Media field always enticed me from my college days but it was my friend who suggested that I have an impactful voice and can make a career in Radio.
8 years in this field and I feel like a new person each day. At times a person who wants to have all the fun, at times a serious one, at times a sports enthusiast and sometimes a bollywood freak. I play multiple roles and try to infuse freshness each day.
I have discovered various aspects of my persona and one of them is acting thought I have done many commercials and albums including a telefilm as well. Acting is something comes naturally.
This website is my small effort to interact with you on a wider scale and know more about your likes, dislikes and happenings. Together lets just have a killer time.

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